Who we are

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We are Gianluca and Beatrice, two totally different brothers but with a great common feature: enthusiasm.

Everything we decide to do is driven by energy, strength and even tenacity.

Yes, because then it is the one that makes the difference.
We have two different paths: Gianluca after graduating from high school decides to work in the family business, while maintaining a constant passion for nature and manual work; Beatrice instead decides to graduate in Marketing and Communication with an eye always turned to Made in Italy excellence.

Gianluca, after having changed 2 passions a year: carpentry, pets, bicycles, motorcycles and much more, decides to buy his first beehive… and everything changes, after a year, two and three the passion remains and so he decides that it could be the job for him: in contact with nature all day, lonely and not repetitive. This passion overwhelms Beatrice and so, almost for fun, we start opening the Instagram and Facebook page of Api Su Ape and we begin to tell day after day what a beekeeper does and why bees are essential for our survival. The work and activities begin to increase to such an extent that Beatrice, after years of work as an employee in a multinational before and in an in a Made in Italy company later, decides to leave a permanent job to throw herself headlong into this beautiful reality (obviously for us).

After so much effort, sacrifice and satisfaction, we are now here, talking about our company, on our ecommerce.

And this is just the beginning, there are many challenges and projects to do but we can’t wait to face them with passion and enthusiasm.

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